How to upgrade Theta Data Basic CD Transport

to "II" or at least to support AES/EBU output. Anybody knows the repair for Theta D/A gen 3, please help on the information. thanks

I wonder if it would really be worth your time. There's a lot of newer and better pieces out there now.

I moved on from my Data Basic II and Gen. III 5-6 years ago.

Check out this:

Or going cheaper, this:
Buy a Data Basic with AES/EBU output from the classifieds. Move over the wiring and the connector (basic soldering skills needed) to your Data Basic, and resell the other one.

In any case, I can sell you a nonworking Data Basic I (transport mechanism failed) which has been upgraded to mk II status for parts needed to perform the upgrade. The only difference between Basic I and mk II, is an extra transformer in the later, which need to be moved over.
thanks for your reply. where could I get a nonworking Data Basic II ?