How to upgrade my system, real music needed

Currently I am running a fairly decent home theatre system; however, I am looking for ways to upgrade in order to experience the best in 2 channel sound as well as home theatre.... I am on a limited budget here since I am still in college, but I have heard some of the Aerial Acoustics and Wilson lines, and would really like to possibly start heading this way with my system...Also I have found a new love an appreciation for tubes, wow can they make a difference, especially in two channel. Give me your thoughts and criticism, I can take it...Also, if you are interested, I have put a link to my system below, just cut and paste.

Thank you
I guess this "I'm on a limited budget" redefines the term "affordable" That aside, Pick up some 'affordable' Montana speakers, an affordable CJpremiere 5 or 8 set of monoblocks and a CAT. pre A great source and you've made it happen.--All on a limited budget. Add vinyl and stir. (BTW,these are the components I own.)
If I may be so bold...I would opt for speakers that put an emphasis on communicative/musical involvement vs. conventional "reference" monitor sound...Vandersteen 1c or Green Mountain Europas...both offer truly phase-coherent sound(which is the key to thier spacious/atmospheric sound and "out of box" imaging)...good luck...