How to unpack 150lbs+ towers

Is there any sort of standard technique for removing 150lbs+ tower speakers from the packaging base? With no handles ( other than the drivers :) ) to grab onto? I have Pioneer S-1EX.
First advice: enlist a friend. Much of the detail is going to depend on the packing, and how the box/crate opens. For my 150lb/55 inch towers, the best method was to stand boxes upright, open on a long side and "walk" the speaker out, with gentle pulls on alternate sides. On hard floors, blanket on the floor will help with sliding speaker into approximate position before engaging the spikes/footers. Goes without saying, but the floor should be absolutely clean to avoid predations of scratchy grit.

Perhaps the manufacturer has some advice?

With help perhaps, stand the speaker on its top, open the bottom of the box, then turn the box over right side up (with the end flaps bent out) and then lift up the box off the speaker. Voila! Everything done, no strain, no damage.
I owned the S-1EX and they came in a box designed to be stood upright and have the carrying handles removed. Once the carrying handles are removed the box will come open from around the speaker leaving it standing on the bottom packing. I removed the hard foam from around the speaker then leaned it back enough for me to get my hand under the base of it and I lifted it straight up and out,only about eight inches. I then placed it on sound anchor cone coasters and slid them into place. Much easier than it would seem for such a large heavy speaker. Never lift a speaker by its port! I'm surprised Kal didn't know how they were packed but then again, he has probably gone through dozens of speakers and thousands of brain cells since he reviewed them.
Thanks for the tips folks. I'll get a second set of hands to help me lift it out the way Geared4me recommends.
The reason I did not offer any unpacking suggestions is that the pair I had came in sturdy, wheeled flight cases rather than standard cartons. Also, Andrew Jones came along to help me.
Sorry Kal, I just couldn't resist. I still appreciate the time you took to email with me about set-up for the S-1EX and in connecting me with Andrew Jones, who was a real pleasure to brainstorm with. I had my pair before the review came out and thought I might be crazy to have to jack the back up so much to get the sound just right until I read how you had to do the same thing. Rpmrizing228 if you haven't read Kal's review you should,but I think I managed to get a little tighter bass out of them than he did.
Yes, I read Kal's review prior to making the decision to purchase. I'm hoping this 'jack the back up' thing can be accomplished satisfactorily with just adjustment of the rear spikes.
That is going to depend on two things 1)Did Pioneer implement the changes that Mr. Jones and I worked out 2)If they didn't,what kind of sound you like? laid back sound that stays behind and around the speakers or sound that fills the room from wall to wall and floor to ceiling with notes that hang in the air and decay off into infinity. I am hoping that they implemented the longer threaded section to allow for greater adjustment but I wouldn't hold my breath based on how little they put into promoting this great speaker. Definitely let us know how it turns out.
This takes advanced planning, but the best method I have found is using my two teenage sons.
Lay them down on their sides on a bed and slide them out of the bottom of the box. Keep the boxes and packing materials for the future.