How To Turn A Dynavector Into A Grado

Received my PHT devices last night, Green Dream and Black Widow. I'm currently using a Dynavector 20X2H on a slightly modified RB 3000 arm. Following millercarbon's lead, I placed the green directly on top of the center of the cartridge through a hole in the headshell. That worked fine except was in there so snug, I realized that the only way to get it back out would be to take apart the cartridge. While trying to figure out some other option while looking through my shelves, I happened to notice my trusty can of compressed air. That did the trick and also led me on an early Easter Egg hunt. These things are incredibly small. Got lucky, found it about 30 seconds later laying green side up on top of one my A/C Master Couplers. Reinstalled it on top of the headshell, more to the front.

Now for the audio test. First, I should mention my sonic biases. I'm a Mullard long plate fan. Most of my preamp and small signal amp tubes are original 1950's Mullard long plates. To my ears, nothing else compares and I've tried most all of them. In addition I have a first generation Grado Sonata which I used for years on my old VPI, but decided not to install it on my Rega because of known hum issues with that brand. But all things being equal, I love the Grado house sound and could happily live with that forever.

Not gonna use all the flowery, audiophile terms; I'll leave that to the wordsmiths here who can do it so much better. The sound is full, rich, wide, and deep...just like the Mullards only more of it. The vocals, just the way I remember Grado, have lost any trace of sibilance. Very smooth and rich. But I do have to say, after enjoying the Dynavector for so long, that presentation might be a little too warm. I'm looking to add a little air back to the equation, a Dynavector Grado combo. So on to the Black Widow, etc. Should be a fun weekend. 
My guess is the arm is the top reason .
It’s interesting to adopt a tweak, listen to it for at least several hours until you have a real feel for it, then remove the tweak and again listen for several hours to at least some of the same program material. If you do that, please let us know the results. Thx.
"My guess is the arm is the top reason ."

Yes. The arm is on top of the table. That's how I like it, I'm funny about that.
i have nothing of substance to add

but i like your thread title 

'how to turn a mercedes into a cadillac'
'how to turn ground chuck into shepherds pie'

Black Widow will give you a more neutral, dynamic and exciting sound. They can be used together. I find the combination of Green Dream liquid deep with the Black Widow dynamics and extension intoxicating. Also these things have a slightly different effect depending on where you put them. The difference is not huge but it is there. I wound up with a Black Widow and a Green Dream stuck right to the Koetsu, with a second Green Dream on the top of the arm tube.  
As for placement, I recommend tweezers! lol! Or Scotch tape. Anything but fingers. Your story cracked me up. Big time. Been there. Done that!
If I dropped a PHT, there is no doubt in my mind it would enter the 4th dimension, and I would never find it, for at least 2 years. Then it would possibly turn up, found only by an accidental glance at the floor, probably tucked away under a leg of my LP cabinet, or in some such hiding place. That’s where all my dropped cartridge mounting screws must exist, else they are actually in the 4th dimension, along with the relevant curse words.
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Jeopardy, eh? Re-runs? Or is she okay with Oz?
Tweezers are an indispensable audio accessory.  Less than $10 in any good drug store. 
Duly noted. I’ve heard there are some high end tweezers treated with something called Nano Particle Solution-1260. Might look into that. Because while I’m certainly no audiophile, I might just be an audio file.