how to trigger my sub amp when main powers up.

im using an hk avr3600 with a hk3490 powering the subs in my main speakers. i cant get the remote to learn the power button for the 3490. i just want it to power up with the main amp. any ideas. thanks.
Hi Grady,

i have never done it...but a lot of equipment comes with a 12v trigger...which apparently allows you to use a switch to automatically flip on the system. Additionally, certain PS audio powerstrips actually bring on power in a certain order down the if you plug your components in the right order, they will turn on sequentially just by turning on the PS Audio power strip.

good luck and pls keep us posted.
12v triggers work amazingly well, my system fires 5 componets with 1 button thanks to a 12v trigger. Either 12v to 12v "handshakes" done via minijack or if not capable use of a powerstrip can do this.
If your trying to get the remote to learn the power button for the other, you may have to program to a button other than a power button. A lot of learning remotes don't learn the power on/off on the same power button itself. I'm assuming this is what your trying to do since they're both remote receivers. If it doesn't work, you may have to use both remotes. The subs must be easy to drive if your using a receiver to do that. Page 26(AVR3600) may help for learning the other remote codes. Its surprising they both don't turn on with the remote. [][]
Dont most subs "wake up" when a music signal is sent? Just leave them on is also what most do.
So if I understand, you are using an AVR to power the satellite section of your main speakers. Then you are using the left/right main out of the AVR to the preamp inputs of a 2 channel receiver to power the passive woofer section of your mains. Is that correct or not? I am not too familiar with the remote you use with your pieces, but many can be taught those commands. If your remote is not capable of learning there are those that can have unit codes entered into them and be taught macros allowing everything to be powered up with one button. Harmon should be able to get you the codes to program in to the remote. I believe Logitech has universal remotes that will do this if yours won't.
Csm, if they were passive then the AVR would power them and he wouldnt need to power them.
I still am confused about a powered sub , right? That doesnt wake up when it recieves a signal.
From his description, I don't believe the subs are powered. He states that he is using a HK3490 to power the subs in his main speakers. The HK3490 is a 2 channel receiver. It sounds as if he is trying to biamp his mains using both the AVR and the amp section of a different receiver (the 3490). It also seems he wants both receivers to power up with the push of one button. It would be helpful if he would clear this point up and give some more detail about his set up.
Csmgolf is correct. I am bi-amping my nht 2.5i's which are very power hungry. I have a carver tfm15 which seems to sound exactly the same in place of the 3490. I may just use it instead. I'm hoping to find a good 5 ch amp one day to take care of the front 3 speakers. there seems to be no 12v trigger on the 3600 and i prefer to plug directly into the wall. thanks for all the replies.
If your gonna use the TFM15 you can just leave it on 24/7. It stays cool and wont use any real power when idol, I have had a TFM35 on for long periods with no issues.