How to trick a player into reading SACD layer?

My Krell SACD mkIII refuses to play SACD layer on CAN "Monster Movie" hybrid SACD and always loads the CD layer.All other Can SACD play flawlessly."Monster Movie" is not defected because it played on a previous Krell mk II player.CD/SACD button on the front panel and remote does not help:pressing it changes nothing.I tried powering down/up with the SACD inside to no avail:it recognises the CD layer only.Any advise would be appreciated,after all this is my favourite CAN album.Thanks a lot.
Sell it and get the new Sony SCD XA5400ES which plays everything flawlessly and with state of the art sound...I did:)
I own a Sony SACD player. After a couple of years the player started refusing to read the DSD layer of some hybrid discs. Initially it was only one or two but now with over half of my SACD's the player won't recognize the DSD layer only the redbook/CD layer. I have tried everything I can think of to no avail. Someone told me that this is the beginning signs of laser failure and that it will continue to get worse until one day my transport will fail to recognize any discs. This is supposedly a fairly common problem with Sony transports. I don't know if Krell uses Sony drives or not, but it might be worth checking out.

By the way I hear that the new Sony 5400ES is a fabulous player, but, it has no multi-channel analogue outputs, so if your pre/pro has no facility for multi-channel decoding of SACD via HDMI then it wouldn't be a very good purchase.
Correct, but it is soooo sweet sounding:)
Not to disrespect Sony but it has miles to go to reach Krell SACD Standard quality of sound.
Overhang, in case you don't know me, I owned the SACD Standard...along with most of the other gear Krell has made over the last decade. The Sony is should not be overlooked:)