How to transport used MBL 101 speakers w/o crate?

I have just purchased a used pair of MBL 101 MKII speakers (original crates not available) and now need to transport them about a 1.5 hour drive to my home. I can't find any info on how to do this and the seller is not helpful since he had them delivered and set up for him. Since they weight 175 lb each, I was thinking of renting a Uhaul and using a furniture dolly.

My big question is whether these speakers can be tilted for 30 to 40 degrees off vertical for short periods of time in the process of wheeling them around on the dolly. Seller didn't think so but I would think they would be able to take it if they can be shipped overseas. Any advice?

If MBl cannot help or its cost prohibitive I’d have a local shipper build you some crates on site. It’ll cost a few hundred $ and take a couple of hours but then you’ll have crates for future use. They bring wood and actually build the crate specifically to fit the speaker. I did this for my Magicos and my VTL amps and it worked great
Folkfreak has a great idea. I think you could also wrap them in moving blankets, strap them to appliance dollys, and then strap to the inside wall of a u-haul moving truck. You should check with MBL to see if the cones need support for short periods of time while moving them
I concur with all previous posts. First, contact MBL for the best way to move them.
These speakers are pretty serious badboys. I wouldn't trust trying to do it yourself in order to save money- you might damage them- which will cost you more money to repair them.
If the seller can give you the name of the dealer he bought them from, I would call them and see if they can arrange to move them. They should also provide you with set-up, which would be a big help considering how heavy they are. Consider it money well spent.
Lastly, will you invite me to listen to them? I really would like to hear how they sound.

I would have an opinion, but I'm so blind with jealousy that I can barely write ;-)

Where they the ones on Audiogon?

FWIW...I have a pair of MBL 121 monitors.  The reason I could afford them is that a dealer sold them to me really cheap.  He'd shipped them to a customer but they were fairly badly damaged in shipping (scratches here and there, grills broken).  Hence he needed to sell them off.

So...careful shipping these things!