How to transfer "pure music" from Imac to Mac mini

Hi everyone,
I just purchased Mac mini and Iwould like to transfer "pure music" application from my Imac to Mac mini. I would appreaciate very much
if there is anybody that would tell me how to do it step by step.
I thank you in advance for your time concerning this matter.

Download it from PM onto your new computer. Your code should work fine for the new computer and you will have the latest version. I did this a while back when I too bought a Mac Mini.
Couldn't you just use the same serial number after downloading the software to the mini?
You have an account with Pure Music. Just go to their website and download a copy to your Mac mini.
In the Mac manual there should be a section on settings, program and file transfer from your old mac to your new mac. I've done it once. it requires a double ended usb cable or the use of an adapter. I used a firewire cable which is not supported anymore. My information is a few years old, things may have changed but I doubt.

good luck
I'd just download it and use your existing key, but you can use a Time Machine backup to move from one Mac to another.