How to transfer LP to iMAC Computer

We have several LP recordings that are not available in CD format. We have an Onkyo turntable (old) and I would like to transfer my LP recordings to iTunes on my iMAC computer. Any suggestions on an easy way to do this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
an ADC/DAC such as the Apogee Duet.
Your suggestion above to use the Apogee Duet ADC/DAC to transfer my LP's to my iMAC (iTunes) looks great but the Apogee unit costs $500. I am looking for a less expensive solution. Can you recommend another unit that performs this function at less cost? Thanks
I have no direct experience with this myself, but gave one of these to my brother in-law and he seems to be very happy with it. Here you go - $99.
I use this product. It is for PC, but they may have a similiar product for mac.
Thank you for all of the above information. I am now in research mode.
you can find a digidesign Mbox for sale quite cheaply $100-ish on craigslist or ebay. they come with protools software. you plug your 'tape out' into the Mbox and the Mbox into your computer.


- the better the turntable, the better your CD will sound
- there's a small learning curve - hardly worth it just to do several LPS

it seems like it would make more sense to find someone who's got a good TT and the right software/interface who'd just do the job for you for a nominal fee.

you could put up another post asking if there's anyone in your area willing to do this.

My inexpensive solution for this (on a Mac) is an M-Audio Audiophile 24/96 USB converter and Amadeus software from Hairersoft. The converter cost under $100 on eBay and the software was $50.

But Daniel (Musicslug) is right, the associated equipment makes as much difference as the quality of the conversion. Even my little setup, which sounds pretty good considering, is improved with better cables. If your LPs are important to you, you might consider his suggestion seriously.

Either that, or use the project as an excuse to upgrade your turntable... ;o)
The very cheapest way is to use line/tape out from your preamp or integrated to line in on the imac. Use audacity or some other freeware program to record. If you have garage band I think that will record as well.
I agree with Docdan50 as this is the method I use with pretty good results. The free software I use is Final Vinyl. You will need to get one of those rca y jacks to stereo mini for the connection.
If you are going to use a stereo miniplug-to-dual RCA cable, I highly recommend the Zu Pivot. It's the best cable of its type I've found and will make a serious difference to the quality of your recordings over even most premium cables of that type.
I use some software called Golden Records which works well on a Mac. It's also very inexpensive. I have written a little about it on my website. You can see it at LP to Mac
Hope this helps
I would purchase a USB Phono preamp. Project and NAD both have models for under $200. I have used the Project with my imac.
The bigger issue is what software package to choose. The best news is that they are free; the good news is that they can be unreliable.
I've had great results using a free program called Audacity (There's a bit of a learning curve but nothing insurmountable.). I run my turntable, first to an inexpensive phono preamp that I purchased from a guitar store (around $50) and then out to my iMac via a left/right RCA cords into mini stereo plug cable I got from Radio Shack. I've got 700 or so albums that I'm chipping away at slowly by saving them to iTunes as AIFF files.