How to transfer LD to DVD?

I have a nice collection of LD and I like to be able to show some of them to my friends in a small meeting environment, but it is difficult for me to carry around my LD player. Does anybody knows how to transfer LD to DVD?
Get a DVD recorder. Connect the S video out of the LD player to the S video in of the DVD recorder, connect the audio outputs of the LD player to the audio inputs of the DVD recorder, and select the DVD recorder's input for "aux". Record your DVD's at SP speed. End result is pretty good.
be careful...public exibition may violate the law..not kidding.
Jaybo, are we talking about public exhibition of music or other acts that will send you to jail????

Usually media is for private use only and should not be used for screening to a group of people other than family or social acquaintances. One must obtain permission from the copyright owner to do a 'public screening'.
He wants "to be able to show some of them to my friends in a small meeting environment." Certainly doesn't sound like a public exhibition or screening to me.

-- Al
Are all these people lawyers?
Are all these people lawyers?

Fwiw, I am (as well as an electrical engineer).

-- Al :)
Sharp2451 -- I agree with Dollyowner's suggestion of a DVD recorder, which is likely to be (by far) the most convenient and practical approach.

Just for the record, though, if you know someone who is set up for and does computer-based video editing, the material could be played into a suitably configured computer, then the captured file could be processed with a video editing program into the mpeg2 format used on dvd's, and then burned onto dvd in the computer.

There are many complexities and learning curves involved in doing that, though, as well as monetary expense for both software and hardware if it is not already present, so the dvd recorder approach is far more practical for most people. Let us know if you'd like more information, though, on the computer-based approach. I happen to be experienced in that area.

-- Al
Sharp, how many discs do you need transfered? I have a Pioneer LDS9 connected to my PC for LD to DVD transfers. I can work on them for you if it's a small lot since I do this kind of work in my spare time.
Wait for them to be on the cheap counter for $4.00 and buy them again. Most should be on the counter by now. Length of copy time not worth it. IMHO.