How to touch up nicks on edge of black faceplate?

Black anodized faceplates on amps look nice but over time they tend to get little nicks on the edges that let the silver-colored metal show through. Do you have suggestions for how to touch up these little flaws? Sharpie won't do it -- has a slightly purple tint. I promise this is for my own use, not to try to hide any flaws on an object to sell!
Could you possibly try using a touch up Blue paint first ( maybe an auto paint sprayed on a que tip ) before trying a black sharpie? This may give you the purple tint your looking for...Try it on scrap piece of bare metal first! Good luck...........
If the above doesn't work, try using a black marker first, letting it dry well and go over it with a red marker quickly so you won't remove the black.
I think what Jhold is saying is that the Sharpie has a slight purpleish tint. I could be wrong. Help us out, Jhold.
Sorry Jhold: I must have had a brain blurp.Thought you wanted to get a purple tint...I sumetimes use the Auto spray for touch up,by spraying on a que tip or small artish brush.You may be better off doing 3 or 4 very light touch ups ,rather than trying to glob on one big spot. Good luck.
Thanks, all. Yes, to clarify, I'm trying to *avoid* the slight purplish tint of a black Sharpie marker.
Try using a felt tip marker that is made writing on CDRs.
The ink from a black writing pen. Pull the tube off the tip to get to the ink.