How to test used / ex-demo speakers?


I've been offered a pair of active speakers that have been used by a retailer for demo purposes.

The speakers are about two years old and they're Active.

Just wondering if there any method to test them and make sure they perform the should.

In fact, I have heard that pair and done visual observation so it seems to be ok.

Any thoughts how to test their built in amp etc, may be to turn them up and down for few times to identify wrong sound or whatsoever?!?!

Would appriciate your help

I've bought plenty of demo amps,and speakers.Never had a problem,and always received the full warranty written on the receipt too.No active ones though.I don't see why there should be anything different to look for as far as a problem.Hum at low levels,rattles from the drivers,distortion,etc.At least they're matched as far as speaker to amps to save time there.Others might have some ideas.Hope you enjoy them.
You could try a test CD with test tones and frequency sweeps to get the drivers and tweeters activated in a short period of time. Plus you can control the tracks listened to and how often and at what sound level, repeat etc. Most music is less dynamic than the sound test cd's which are designed to stress a sound sytem and break it in and use full frequency tones. Take you favorite music, fast, slow, loud, good recording and bad recordings too. Try to get at least 30-60 day warranty if not better. Good Luck!
Listen for imaging and soundstage.
What speakers are they? Is this a model that has been around for five years? Do they provide customer support?

If so then you can always repair/maintain them. Not many manufacturers make their own drivers and are consistently able to offer good support ten or many more years down the road - but the well known names do - just avoid a "boutique"name if you are worried about long term reliability/service.
I'd prefer to buy used/demo any time. So many speakers need several hundred hours to break in. Let the dealer do it for you and still give a warranty!