How to test KT33C with Knight 600 Tube Tester ?

I have a Knight 600 tube tester, would like to test a KT33C tube.
I know KT33C = CV1503 = VR503 , but cannot find in the chart , anyone can help ?
Try doing a Google search for the tube tester you have. Narrow the search results by clicking on images. Sometimes people post documents, like owners manuals, in picture format. You may get lucky and find what you are looking for.
Have you reached out to tube vendors Jim McShane, Brent Jesse or even Kevin at UpScale Audio? They may be able to help you with your request. When I saw KT33C I thought you made a typo for 6C33C tubes.
According to an older Sams Tube Substitution Handbook I have, the 25A6 can be substituted for the KT33. According to references on the web the KT33C is identical to the KT33 except that the KT33C provides a filament center-tap connection on pin 1, while pin 1 is unconnected on the KT33.

Therefore I suspect that settings for the 25A6 will work for the KT33C. I don't guarantee that, however :-)

-- Al
Hello all, still got no idea and chart data to test.

Hey Jedinite24, I'm living in Asia , not USA.

Hey Almarg, I got the 25A6 setting on the chart:
circuit 4
filement 25
load 34
up 3-4
down 2

Well, as I said the settings for the 25A6 should work, and I'd feel pretty confident that they will. But I'm saying that based on the information I cited, and therefore I can't be 100.0% certain.

-- Al
Hi Redoctober2

Even though you are in Asia both Brent Jessee and Jim McShane would still help you. Just do a web search and e-mail them with your question. I've asked them stuff many times and they responded back to me in detail and were very professional.
Hello Jedinite24 ,
Just email to UpScale .

Hello Almarg ,
Still have no guts to test.
UpScale responsed no familiar with KT33C.