How to tell which BlueRays have good audio

I recently listened to a bunch of BlueRay classical performance.Some had superb sound and others proved to be rather mediocre when it came to the audio.Anyone has any recommendations for identifying which is atleast recorded in a manner compatible with BR quality.My AIX recording of Shostakovitch was superb and so was Mahler 2nd symphony with Ricardo Chailly.The Beethoven piano concertos with Buchbinder had very average audio.The player I am using is the Marantz 9004.The Audio quality is far superior to the Oppo 103.The Marantz is connected to the Meridian 861V6 via the Meridian 621 HDMI switcher.Another question I have is sound quality dependent on the HDMI cable.Inputs will be appreciated
Are you using the HDMI for audio ? Any great sounding system I have heard that mixes video with audio uses a Bal XLR cable to the preamp and HDMI to the TV. Does the Marantz have XLR audio outs?? I know the OPPO BDP105 does. Not sure on the OPPO 103.
The HDMI from the marantz goes to the Meridian 621 which splits the audio and video signals.I use the Marantz player for listening to multi channel 5.1 audio with BlueRay discs.
When I listen to 2 channel audio material I use the Esoteric-K-01 or the Sooloos digital output into the esoteric and the analogue output of the esoteric into either an Einstein preamp or the Meridian 861V6.