How to tell the difference between two cables ?

How to tell the difference between straight wire rhapsody 1 and rhapsody 2 ,the cables i have do not have 1 or 2 marked on them, the only difference i see is one is thicker than the other.
Why not ask the manufacturer?
E-mail StraightWire they will be glad to help you.I have always gotten quick responses to questions I e-mailed to them.
Not me. I e-mailed Straightwire recently, devout two weeks ago and received no response at all.
Why not listen and take a stab at it? Is the "2" better supposedly?
Thanks for your answers, i will email straight wire. I was talking about physical discription not sound.Ya,ll have a great day.
where did you purchase the cables?
I purchased them at an autherized dealer a few years ago in new orleans ,they clearing out straight wire cables and i bought 4 pairs of interconnect, i was in a hurry and once i got home i noticed they were alittle different. Anyway i got my answer from a friend v2 has a thicker clear coating and the plugs are a little more heavy duty thanks again.
Man, by the title i thought this thread would be more general, and therefore, interesting. At least the OP found his answer. Like the joke says, after exhausting every conceivable way to tell the 2 horses apart, they found that the black one was 2 inches taller then the white one.