How to tell if some one legit

I'm interested in purchasing speakers , seller is new to site and has no reviews how can you tell If someone Is legit? 
Agon has some good policies for both buyers and sellers.
If you are suspicious of a seller, I would contact Tammy and provide her with the info., then go from there.
I would be cautious dealing with someone with zero feedback. Ask if they have feedback on eBay, USAudiomart or similar site. I would still be cautious, but using PayPal would mitigate a lot of risk provided the seller has a PayPal verified address and you have buyer protection when paying
Everyone has to start somewhere.
Just because there is no prior feedback, doesn't mean the seller is dishonest.
If possible, try to get the sellers phone number and give them a call.

I, too, started with no feedback, but many Agoner's are very nice people, and will be very accommodating.

Like I said Audiogon is pretty stringent on protecting buyers, and contacting them with your questions is the best way to get the best answers.
I agree, using Paypal or a Credit Card will help to mitigate problems, should the occur. And, never ever wire moneys.
No feedback No sale.I would never buy from someone with out at least 12 positive feedbacks.