How to tell diff. b/w EMC-1 versions

How does one tell the difference on the used market between the Newer Electrocompaniet EMC-1 mk2 w/ 24/192 DACs and the older 16/44 version (other than the little metallic badge on top and of course the sound?) Is the power button on the front or rear of the newest version? Also, is there an upgraded manual for the 24/192 version? Thanks!
There are only two ways to tell between the 24/192 and older 24/96:

1) As you mentioned, the badge
2) Actually have to look inside the unit (the best way to make sure you aren't being taken advantage of by a seller). Take the left side (if looking at the front of the unit) off. The DAC board is located towards the front. On the DAC should be "24/192" clearly printed.

Electrocompaniet has not placed the power button on the rear of the EMC-1 for at least 3 years. So, if you have a unit that has the power button on the rear, it is quite old. Finally, the manual for the 24/192 version is no different than previous revisions (at least nothing in specific reference to the 24/192 capabilities).

Best Regards...Mike - Father & Son Audio
I need to make a clarification to my post as the info I provided has caused some confusion. I was somewhat vague (not on purpose) in my answer and should have provided more detail. In addition, the info I provided was NOT 100% accurate as "24/192" is not printed anywhere on the DAC. Anyway, the following should be easily visible on the DAC upgrade card if the unit is truly 24/192:

1) 16-24 bit upsampler
2) UPCC-1

I was going on memory via the last EMC-1 I upgraded. Everything else stated in my original post is accurate. I apologize for any confusion this may have caused.

Best Regards...Mike - Father & Son Audio
The model I have is the "EMC1-UP" and the six-digit serial number begins with "2016". I bought it brand new a few months ago. The two obvious cosmetic differences between my model and the dealer's older demo model are: (a) power button on the front panel but no power switch on the back panel, and (b) the three feet on the bottom of the unit are all black, i.e. no gold-coloured detailing to match the buttons on the front panel. However the manual that came with the CD player has not kept up-to-date with the CD player itself, e.g. it still refers to a non-existant power switch on the back panel.