How to take a DAT cassette apart

Do any of you knowledgeable people know how to deal with a DAT cassette that has a loop of tape hanging out of it--this happened when I ejected it. Those cassettes, and how they are driven by the DAT recorder/player mystify me. Unlike the older audio cassettes, the toothed wheels, while visible through clear plastic, aren't accessible from outside the cassette--if this changes once the tape is in and being played, I don't see how.

If I could get into the cassette itself I could probably get rid of the loop--but I don't see how to do this either.

Many thanks in advance for any expert help anyone can offer.

Tom Patton
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On the underside there are 2 small locking tabs. Gently press these in and carefully let the plate slide back. This will expose the drive wheels and also release the tape cover flap. Press the second set of 2 locking tabs to let the slider plate return to the park position.