How To Stream Internet Radio

Humbly soliciting ideas on how best stream FM radio. My NAD C446 digital media tuner appears to be giving up the ghost, and no one appears interested in attempting to fix it.

I need to stream only FM radio, not music streaming services. I would prefer a separate box, with a display, to connect to my amplifier, one that has the conventional-style interface of a tuner, and not use a computer to do the streaming. I would want an optical connection to the amplifier.

Is there still such a thing? I'm woefully out of touch with all the recent moves in streaming and may be chasing something that does not exist.

The rest of my system is (no sneering, please) a NAD C390DD amplifier, ProAc Response D20R speakers; the music source is a Mac Mini playing through Audirvana.
Any thoughts are much appreciated. Thank you.
Yup, a Bluesound Node is what fits the bill.
Any iteration will work as good as the latest.
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Magnum-Dynalab makes FM Tuners. The FM Tuner will connect to your amplifier. Is this what you are looking for?

Does Audirvana have an option to stream Internet radio stations?