How to spot a fake Oyaide plug

Just for people’s edification: the easiest way to spot a fake Oyaide plug is to look at the plug body and see if there is a metal insert which the screw that holds the body and plug together is threaded into

if you look at the link and scroll down to the first picture and look at the right hand side of it you will see, especially through the clear and blue plugs, the insert in question right above the model number.

If you see those inserts no matter what you were told the plug is a fake. Hope this helps
Be wary of products on the web coming from Asia.If you are planning to buy anything on line,visit the company website and see a list of authorized dealers.I'm glad to see Oyaide put this out.Remember the old adage "If it's too good to be true,it probably isn't"
People that sell fakes are stealing, same as a thief that makes off with your wallet.

The people that build Oyaide get a bum rap when the end user is not impressed with performance and the buyer does not understand. It's pretty much bad for everyone except the factory that makes the knockoff and the crook that misrepresents it.

Not to soap box, but when I was growing up cheating was one of the lowest things a person could do. In school we were graded on content, spelling and originality. Originality does not seem to garner much respect these days, copies and counterfeits abound in everything from car design to fake Euro watches.

Albert's correct. 100%
Check out the link below for some useful information.
This is more of a question i.e Is there any way of spotting a fake M1/F1 Oyaide plug combo?
DrArthur, I have not seen a fake M1/F1 pair yet, however counterfeiters are hard-working entrepreneurs.
Your first red-alert sign to identify a fake connector or cable: a price that is too good to be true.
>>How to spot a fake Oyaide plug<<

If it says "made in the usa".