How to ship large speakers between US and Canada..

I need to ship Magnepan Tympani's from Canada to the US. But the only company I have found that is willing to do this is Yellow Frieght. It costs $386USD. The purchase would like additional estimates to ensure that he is getting a good shipping cost.

Can someone let me know what other freight company I can call that will ship personal effects from Canada to the US ?

I have called various shipping companies, but they only do commercial shipping.
Bax Global at
You might try This is American Freight, I believe and they can give you an estimate on line. You fill in the info and zip and they will send back a non-binding quote. Don't know if they go to Canada, but apparently they ship for Wilson audio specialties.
Give Central transport a call at: & ask if they can beat the discount Yellow gave you, say 60% (don't give them a dollar amount). Also, whoever you use make sure you palletize the load. Also use a tip over devise & DO NOT TOPLOAD devices as well as making sure the shipper understands this or you will be getting a full replacement from them. Get it in writing. Good luck.
I used BAX also with success, they were pretty good from Florida to Canada and very accomodating ..

Shipped 500lbs worth of speakers..