How to ship a Sota Sapphire without original box?

What's the best way to ship a Sota Sapphire if you don't have the original packaging?

How mush should I dismantle the unit before I ship it?
W/O orig packing there is a significant likelihood of damage. At the very least you need to remove the arm, the armboard, the lead weights, and lock down the suspension. I would strongly recommend buying a shipping carton and if you don't have one, a manual so you can do this correctly. If you search the forums, you will find pix of AR TTs that were destroyed in shipping. the AR is a simpler and lighter table than the SOTA.
You might ship a good table but it will arrive trashed. Sota employs a very unusual design and shipping it any way other than intended will ruin it.

It costs about $60 for a new box, but that's a lot less than a new sapphire.

Don't do it...



I hate to move my SOTA across the room, let alone ship it!
Sound advice from the previous posters. Call Donna and by a set of new boxes with the packing instructions. Make sure to ship the dust cover (if you have it) separately.

However, even with the above referenced materials things can still go awry when shipping a table, especially one as heavy as a SOTA. I recently shipped a Nova Series V to someone and used the original packaging making sure to follow the packing instructions to the letter. Fed Ex still managed to damage the table.
Don't. TTs are hard to get to their destination in one piece. Do yourself, but even more so the purchaser, a favour, get the proper box from SOTA.
I just had to have the bearing replaced on my star because of bad shipping from seller follow advice above