How to Share Samsung S8 Music with Bluetooth Speaker

I want to share my Samsung S8 music with my friends, so I need to buy a Bluetooth Speaker? Which one is worth to buy?
Is this for your inside your home, or e.g. on the beach? In case of the former, the best thing is to get a Sonos or Chromecast enabled speaker. In case of the latter, the first thing is to look for the particular version of Bluetooth that your phone supports. More advanced versions of Bluetooth are decidedly better, even if you may not hear the difference on a party blaster
I take it you are looking for some kind of portable speaker. Some of those are quite terrible, but with others one can easily live for a while. So the question is for what situations you want to use this speaker, and what is the budget? Is it for use indoors, or for rough party use on the beach etc?