How to set up Velodyne dd15

I have a velodyne DD15. I set it up using the auto correction setup. Now i amm reading this isn't the best way to set it up, leading to poor 2ch results.
What is the best way to set it up for music? I don't have a RTA. I do have the Rives test cd and Radio Shack meter if that helps in setup. Thanks.
Hi StreetD,

Here is my own process (I have DD18).

1. Let it autosetup for the basics.

2. Play Acoustic Music with Bass...something you are familiar with. Clapton Unplugged, Amos Lee...and go into the main menu and select the Memorizeable Option you wish to adjust.

3. Say Option 1.

- then while you play the same track over and over...and over...just adjust the frequencies (boost or lower by up to 6db-8db or more)...and sliding these boosters/lowers wherever you wish between 15hz and 120hz

4. Go to 2nd page
- Then play around with the cut-off option...lower or raise it.
- Then finally, play around with the volume.

5. Keep Saving/Exiting Menu and hearing whether you like the Acoustic Track with bass or not. Guitar near-mike will tell you if your mid bass is too bloated...because the strings will not play evening...too much bloat and you will immediately hear it on close-miked guitar where suddently a couple of notes will be huge/fat/overblown.

6. Then save that...and go to hip hop/rap, orchestral, and then rock (nickelback)...or something with a heavy kickdrum.

Feel free to come back with further qustions....once you get the hang of takes you 30 seconds to a minute to do further tweaking after you have finished the initial setup...and can listen at length over time to see if it is truly even across the spectrum.

Finally, if you wish, the Auralex Gramma subwoofer isolation platform cost $60 is extraordinary in ensuring tighter bass that comes thru the speaker...and not thru every floorboard, wall, cabinet in the room. Worth a go.
Great reply. Will try those tips when i get a chance. I just bought a Subdude, which is probably similar to the Auralex.
SubDude is an Auralex product. They work very well with my pair of HGS-15s.

Yes, i think that is the other name or something. Good for you! Enjoy! Definitely set it up on top of the subdude and then calibrate...subdude makes a big difference. Good luck!

feel free to post further questions.

What do you mean have it setup for the basics,exactly? Thanks,
Hi STreetdaddy,

What i meant by 'basics' is that the autosetup should be a good place for you to will see it will automatically take care of the radical stuff, moving around the frequency spectrum, etc...getting you to a decent configuration. the basics are done.

then, you can manually go in and fine tune as per above. feel free to pm if you are struggling to get thru the finetuning process, or if u r hearing things you are struggling to finetune.
What do you have your low pass filter cutoff set at?

Hi Streetdaddy,

I run my speakers in parallel to the Velodyne...meaning i do not 'cut off' my 2 main speakers at all using the Velodyne. i run the signal straight from my amp to my speakers...and run a separate signal straight from my preamp to the Velodyne.

At that point, i cut the Velodyne off from playing anything higher than 40hz. i use a steep 48db filter to really kill off the signal above that level...for some reason, it works well in my room...possibly due to nodes and other things i have not measured/bothered to investigate. seems to work to my ear.

if you wish to use your Velodyne's internal crossover, please let me know what speakers you are using. That makes an enormous difference. Full range vs bookshelf speakers will have very different low-end capability which will dramatically change was crossover/cut off you use to blend the sub to the speakers.

In general, i have found running in parallel to provide a more balanced range...but on my first bookshelves, i did find the bass on them was so loose at high volume/low end, it was partly ameliorated when i used the internal crossover.

let us know your speakers, and we can take it from there. i'm no expert but happy to help having used Velodyne in all my systems for 15 yrs or so.
If you use auto setup and have big dips or bumps, you have to move the sub. I agree with the other posts so far. You need to have the sub in the right place 1st.
If the DD outputs it's response to video like the SMS-1, adjust for flat response and tweak by ear from there. The huge problem with auto-set is that it doesn't utilize the parametric capabilities of the software.

Thanks guys. I connect the dd15 with a set of seperate speaker cables from the amp.
I am not using the dd15 to crossover my main speakers. I run them full range. {Living Voice IBXR's}

I ran the auto setup and it has a "hilly" response curve.It does connect to a monitor.. I can take a pic of it tomorrow if it would help.So after you run the auto correct, is what is left considered flat response?

What would you calll "big dips or bumps"? I have read it is best not to boost base volumes, only cut them.
Street Daddy,

personally, i would try to keep the whole frequency response within 3db across the that is a good goal. then, i tend to like the bass at the slightly higher end of that range below 45hz.

As for the auto setup...i would then start doing two things while playing bass tracks on infinite repeat...

1. play with moving the hz markers to different frequencies to boost/lower the bass

2. move the cut off on the 2nd page of setups...lower and raise it...also look at what volume you are playing at...1 notch on volume is typically the difference between too full and just right.

3. Beyond that, you can play with phasing and other slightly more complicated things.

for test tracks, i would use two...electronic deep house bass that is percusive and you will see how tight you can get it and how powerful without reverbing thru the room like crazy.

then i would use guitar...Amos make sure your sub is not bleeding into the rest of your music.
So, are you saying run the auto setup and pull everything back to within +3/-3 of 0?

You cut off the base at 45hz? I only tried it at 80hz, will have to try it that low.

I usually kept the volume low, around 5 or so. Otherwise it gets overpowering. Maybe if i cut it off lower it can go up in volume?
Hi Streetdaddy,

What i am saying is that after the auto-set up you may find that the graph is still not flat...and you can then manually adjust it to be flatter.

Additionally, on the cut TOTALLY depends on your speakers. Since you are running your speakers full-range and NOT using the crossover, you only have to worry about how high your velodyne is playing...and that will depend on how strong the bass performance of your main speakers is.

Your Living Voices are spec'd to go down to how strong the signal is in-room i cannot say, but i WOULD say 80hz is too high for your speakers. I would start at around 53hz and see how that does...put the volume up. And also may wish to boost 2-3db lower down from 20hz up to about 45hz and see what happens.

are you using the Auralex Subdude? If you are thinking about getting one...they're 60 bucks...dont bother setting up the velodyne til you've put it on top of the settings went from volume 9-11 (because of big vibrations thru the whole living room) 31!!! much cleaner, much better. huge change.