how to set up the Dual CS5000 turntable?

I have bought a Dual CS5000 and sticked the best Ortofon needle on.

now I´d like to know how to properly set it up, weight and balance and antiskating and such.

I have a Project 6 as main turntable, and this was easy. get the tone arm "floating", set the weighs to 0, twist them to 15, hang up the anti-skating weight and done.

so, maybe someone can tell me how to do it with the Dual?

I´m quiet satisfied with the sound, but I´d say at the moment it sounds a bit emphasized on the high-mids (let´s say 3-4kHz maybe). still really good. but as long as I´m not 100% sure I´ve got it set up right I don´t wanna play the really expensive/rare records on.
I'm not sure what you're really asking here. I bought the CS5000 new, back in '80 or '81. I still have it as a second table. I still have the manual and all the setup stuff. I bought a cartridge alignment tool from turntable basics and set it up. The weight set up should be the same as your other table. Set the arm balance so that it floats level and then set the weight indicator to zero. This table can be irritating in that it automatically starts the platter as the arm nears the edge of the platter. The antiskate is generally recommended to be set up slightly higher than VTF. i.e. VTF=1.5 grams, antiskate=1.75. This is from memory since I am not at home. If you want, I can make a copy/scan of the manual and mail it to you. There are also different headshells that came with the arm. One has an adjustment for vertical tracking angle. Another version, reputedly better due to being more rigid, is just a regular headshell with no adjustment. There is a spacer used for non Ortofon cartridges to set the tone arm height correctly. This was used with the Grado that I originally purchased with the Table. I now have a Grado Gold on it and it does pretty well. The table was made to match well with the Ortofon.

ha ha, yes - now I remember. You need to remove the drive belt so that the platter doesn't spin when the motor reaches a stable speed because only when it does will the auto cueing allow the tonearm to lower. Now you can balance the arm normally without fear of bumping a spinning platter and use a scale to check VTF.

The auto cueing is a great safety feature if you have youngn's in the house, but a pain otherwise....
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