How to set up Heavyweight w/RB 600?

I am sorry for silly question but when i put Heavyweight on RB 600 with a 10gr nut removed and slide it all the way in,the weight is still on the Heavyweight's side.The weight is dialed at 0.Even if i dial up weight to make the arm float,which is around 2 grams,i will not be able to dial an additional 1,8 gr which is required for Dyna 10x4 cartridge.Help.
I recommend a different procedure when mounting the Heavyweight on your tonearm. The Rega RB300/600/900 arms use a spring to adjust the stylus tracking force, and several companies that modify the Rega arms recommended that you disengage the spring.

This is done by dialing the tracking force dial up to the maximum force (3.0 grams), which disengages the spring that applies tracking force (I know this sounds counter-intuitive, but the spring actually lifts the arm, rather than applying downward force). After you have disengaged the tracking force spring, use a stylus force gauge (such as the Shure SF-2, which costs $20 from The Audio Advisor) to set the tracking force by sliding the Counterweight forward or backward, and then lock the set screw that secures the Counterweight to the tonearm stub.

I think you will be very pleasantly surprised by the improvement offered by the Counterweight. When I mounted a Counterweight on my Rega RB-900 about 2 years ago, I was startled at the overall improvement to the arm's performance.
Overhang, this may sound silly, but this IS the Heavyweight for the REGA arm, Correct? If it is, it should work. The newest Rega Heavyweight (adjustable), will work on ANY RB 250, 300, 600, 900, or 1000 arm with cartridges weighing between 4.5 to 12.0 grams. The RB250 arm requires scrapping the plastic endstub and installing the stainless steel Expressimo endstub. Also, you should NOT have to remove the additional Allen screw on the bottom of the Heavyweight.

Your Dynavector weighs in at like 6.5 grams. Which is fine for the Heavyweight WITH the Allen screw installed.

The Heavyweight for the Audioquest PT series tonearms are slightly heavier and will not work with the Rega arms. That's why I'm mentioning this. You should be able to bypass your arm's stylus force adjustment and use strictly the Heavyweight in conjunction with a stylus force gauge to obtain the desired tracking force.
Overhang, I noticed Sdcampbell had posted just before my post and we are both on the same page regarding bypassing the arm's stylus force adjustment. Just one clarification: you need to turn the adjustment PAST the arm's 3.0 gram setting in order to disengage the tracking force spring. In other words, turn the tracking force ALL THE WAY UP, PAST 3.0 grams, until you cannot turn the adjustment any further.

Now the spring has been disengaged. You should now be able to slide the Heavyweight forward towards the pivot to obtain the correct stylus force.
Oh,Ok,thanx.One question though:should i remove the 10 gr nut from the bottom or not?My Heavyweight is Express Machining counterweight for Rega.I don't have any gadget to adjust the stylus force so i will put the stock weight back in till i purchase one.
See if i got it right:i dial the weight all the way past 3 gr mark,disengage the spring and set the stylus force by sliding Heavyweight back and forth.So all my playback after that will be with a spring disengaged and the weight dialed all the way?Right?
Your summary is correct, Overhang. If you decide to buy the Shure SF-2 stylus force gauge, you can get it from several different sources, including Audio Advisor, and Jerry Raskin's Needle Doctor. There are several much more expensive digital-readout tracking force gauges, but the Shure gets you very close for very little money.