How to set up BPT Clean Power Center?

I have a BPT Clean Power Center (CPC) that I purchased in 2006. I have neglected my main audio system for a while and I am trying to set everything up again, doing a thorough cleaning, etc. I can not find any owner's manual for the CPC (if it even came with one) and the configuration I have does not look at all like the CPC that BPT shows on their site now.

This is the back plate configuration of my CPC:

On the far left there are two duplex outlets, one is "regular" and the other is a GFCI outlet. This section is separated from the other section and is labeled "2.5A@60/120VAC." To the right of this section there are three "regular" duplex outlets; this section is labeled "15A@120VAC." The power switch and power cord plug in are to the right of this "15A" section.

The equipment I need to plug in:
A Carissa Signature tube amp
A Teres Turntable
Phono stage/preamp (tube also) (Wright Sound)
An Audio Aero Prima DAC
An Audio Aero Prima CD player

I haven't been able to locate any power consumption/draw data for these components except for the DAC and CD player, which are 25W and 20W respectively.

If someone can tell me what needs to be plugged in where, or even give me an educated guess, I would much appreciate it because somehow I haven't a clue!

Power = Voltage X Current. So the receptacles labeled 2.5A @ 120V would be fine for the dac and cdp. 2.5 X 120 = 300W
Call the company.
It sounds like the two outlets labeled 2.5A are being fed by a 300VA balanced isolation transformer in the CPC, and the outlets labeled 15A are direct to the AC mains, with no isolation.
Thanks you for your responses, all of which are correct. :-D

I did actually email the company and Chris emailed me back and all is set now.

The 2.5 amp section is indeed supposed to be the balanced section, run by a separate balanced transformer, and, as Xtil6 surmised, that is where the DAC and CD player should be plugged in. The rest of the equipment is plugged into the "15A" section; no particular order needs to be followed.

I have the information saved now in case I space it out again in the future. :-P