How to set dip switches in juicy music tercel?

I don't have a manual and was trying to find out how to set the dip switches in the juicy music tercel? I am using a wood Benz mm cartridge.
Ok I was able to get some info but need a question answered if anyone knows. There are 8 switches only 6 used number 1 has a value of 39 k ohms, number 2 is 47k ohms, number 3 is 68k ohms, number 4 is 5 of and 5 is 15 of and lastly 6 is 33 pf.

I will set it to 47k ohms and need to know if I add any of 4-6 will that give me 52k? Thanks for your time
No. Switches 4 through 6 are used to set the input capacitance. Switch # 4 = 5pF, #5 = 15pF, #6 = 33pF. If you set all three you'll get 5 + 15 + 33 = 53pF. If you're not sure what to use here, then put all three of these to ON for 53pF.

Switches 1 through 3 are use to set the input resistance. These can also be combined, but doing so LOWERS the resulting effective input resistance. For example, using switches #2 (47k ohms) and #3 (68k ohms) together will yield an effective 27.8k ohms. You can use the parallel resistance calculator at the following site to calculate the effective resistance of two parallel resistors:

It is not possible to get an effective 52k ohms load from the provided 39k, 47k, and 68k options. It is also not possible to add anything externally that would get you an effective 52k load. To get 52k would require that you open up the unit and replace one or more of those resistors.
Thank you so much for the info!!!, could you elaborate on what the pf's do to the sound? Scott
Capacitance (pf) only affects moving magnet cartridges. Moving coils do not use or need this setting. IMHO, I would set all those switches to "off".
Yes, that's true. Input capacitance primarily affects moving magnet cartridges. It seems that your cartridge is a moving coil, so you shouldn't need to worry much about capacitance.

And even with a moving magnet cartridge, we're talking about a small amount of capacitance here -- 53pF. This would be in addition to the capacitance of the input interconnect, which will probably be in the 50 - 150pF range. So turning all three switches on (53pF) or off (0pF) would likely yield only a very small difference in what you hear.