How to sell fuse on Audiogon?

Let’s say I found a neat lookin’ hi-end fuse that I want to sell. Not sure if ebay crowd gives a truck about hi-end fuse(s) , so I try here and OMFG! that price of listing one is $10! Does it mean I should sell it for at least $80?

I also noted that on alibaba or dhgate you can customize notes on the fuse body to something like hi-fi-tuning on pieces that worth approx dime per piece. So how can you tell which one is authentic? Should I hire professional listener before posting for sale?

Please help dummy out!

You can always do a "basic" ad for $4.00 plus 2%, if it sells. The basic ad is kinda hard to find on the listing page, but it’s there as a small link which is right under the green "Create Listing" box on the bottom of the page.
Sell on Audio Asylum Trader, US Audiomart, etc., free sites.
I've had good luck selling on Audio Advisor. I've bought and sold here since 1997, but the fees pushed me away.

Devise a very clever sounding ad, include words like "Nano" and "Quantum"  abundantly,  also state that this high end fuse is highly directional (remember to have arrows screened on the fuse).  Package it ornately and don't forget to make an owners manual, leather bound preferably as this ads perceived value like you would not believe.  

Just build the $10 listing fee into the price, with all the above you'd could probably get $150 per fuse,  then just sit back and watch the $ roll in.


Good Listening


With a little remarketing and repackaging there are many  high quality fuses out there readily available and in common use that probably sound really good,. Good enough maybe for even the most discerning audiophile.  Heck The one that came in my Arc preamp is glass and looks and sounds very impressive.   I wonder what it might go for with the right marketing behind it.  💲💲💲

This also leads to the question if a device like an arc preamp is labeled audiophile are all,the parts also audiophile quality and perhaps worth way more than the device as a whole?
In the Vintage Drum field, some greedy sellers "part out" a perfectly good drum, the individual components collectively being worth more than the complete drum itself. It’s a disgraceful practice, and sellers who do it are shunned by their more principled and respectful fellow Vintage Drum dealers. Bun E. Carlos, formerly of Cheap Trick, is one of the most respected sellers, and has an insane collection (about 100 sets and 200 snare drums).
I once heard that Stradivarius also made drums long time ago not only violins. Can you imagine how much that thing would worth?

Wow, that's interesting cz. Guitarists are used to seeing high priced Fenders and Gibsons, but the most collectible snare drum is the Ludwig Deluxe from the 1920's (also incorrectly referred to as a Black Beauty), worth no more than about $5,000 (far less than the most collectible guitars). It was a brass shell plated in black nickel, then hand engraved. The brass would therefore show through the engraving, making for a cool look. It was priced at just over a hundred bucks in the late 20's, a lot of money at the time. The Great Depression ended it's manufacture. For you McCartney fans: When he played the Super Bowl half-time show, his drummer (the great Abe Laboriel Jr.) played the mid-20's Ludwig Standard (exactly the same drum as the Deluxe, but plain nickel plating instead of the black nickel, and no engraving) I sold him in 2008. Sounded great, didn't it?!

DW Drums bought some old-growth maple logs that had been laying on the bottom of the Lake Superior for a hundred years (the barge they were on sunk), the temperature down there keeping the wood in excellent condition. DW cut the logs and made snare drum shells from the timbre, some of them built by master drum maker Johnny Craviotto, one-time drummer (in the 70's) of Neil Young. Nice drum!