How to select a subwoofer

My current system is shaping up nicely. My next step is to decide on a sub to obtain deeper and tighter bass. My speakers go to 25hz and my room is 14wx22lx9high. I enjoy classical with other genre. The issue of budget is always a question and it should be below 3,0000. Different companies have various setups so I would like suggestions that you enjoy. Thanks, Steve
REL sub-bass system.

R-528 $2299 may work for you.

What speakers are you using?
I have the Tyler Acoustics Linbrooks Signature Towers. The bass is nice yet very low bass could be improved. The bottom end is reported as 25hz. Thanks, Steve
It sounds like you feel you need something more from your system. I always ask my customers to try to identify what it is. Systems may just not connect with people, they may not be involving, drawing the listener in and inviting more time be spent. So before I would jump into a sub when in fact your speakers claim to go nearly as low as most subs I would as myself a few questions.
1. Do I really love the sound of my system?
2. Do instruments sound like they do when I go to concerts, alive and real?
3. Are voices in the midrange breath taking on well recorded CD's?
4. Ask yourself, what is my body posture while I am listening? ( With bright/forward speakers I have found myself sitting on the front edge of the chair with shoulders forward and definitely not relaxed.)

Just my experience.

Sounds Real Audio

Is that bottom end being reported as 25hz according to the manufacturer's specs or some measurements that were published in a magazine?

I'm asking because manufacturer's specs are usually on the optimistic side and magazine specs show what they got under their test conditions, which are not likely to be the same as your conditions.

In any event, a sub will likely help you to gain what you seek. The most important part of getting a sub is finding one that will blend with your speakers.

If music is your greatest concern, I'd suggest that you get a sealed sub. Sealed subs typically don't go quite as low as a ported sub, but the bass will be better defined and faster, all other things being equal.

Although my only long term, in home experience with a REL sub has been my little T3, I do have to say that REL's use of the Nutrik connector to connect directly to the amp's speaker terminals made the sub easy to integrate into my system. REL's explanation of the use of the high level input is that this allows the sub to represent the bass in the same character as that which the mains are receiving. All I can say is that in my modest system, the integration is seamless.

I'd also check out the SVS subs. I've never owned one, but they are on my short list of equipment to check out. With your stated budget, you may be able to get into a pair of them.
I would also check out the ForceField subs from Golden Ear.Innovative shape and moderate cost!

I have two SVS subs. In my main audio room I use an PCULTRA-13 with my Maggie 3.6R's to troll the bottom for me. It will reach down to 20hz with relative ease. I'm into rock, but listen to all forms of music. Classical pipe organ music shakes the foundation of my very large home. Also quick and tight. I do not like flabby bass when listening to any type of music.

In my home theater, I use a PB13-ULTRA in my great room. It provides room shaking bass with movies of all kinds. I suppose if I wanted to shake fillings out of my teeth, I could purchase 1 or 3 more to hasten my divorce when I broke stemware!!!

Have I heard better. Most definitely I have in other setups I have listened to. But I must qualify that. I bought both of these from the SVS team coming off of the Las Vegas shows in different years, and got them for well under 1K each. Both in like new condition, shipped for free. Can you do better? For sure....But for under 2K total, shipped to my house in NC? I'm sure the systems I've heard that outdid what I own cost 3/4/5X what I paid. The SVS guys made it very attractive cost wise to use their products. I have no "shill" motives, nor financial interests in them...Just a very satisfied customer.

As a side note, I had some questions about integretion and installation in my setups and they graciously provided info by phone to help me. Customer service to rival the best of any product I own.

Hope this helps. Happy Listening.

Thanks everyone for your input. Jim, I do really like the music output from my system but the bottom end is not quite as defined as my Aerial 8's. I might be chasing an elusive improvement. I am checking out the SVS folks. I never knew they existed. Another reason to ask for help on this forum. I will also investigate Force Field subs. Thanks, Steve Levick
Steve, your initial post states “deeper and tighter bass”, and your last one says “the bottom end is not quite as defined”. I do agree that simply adding a subwoofer will give you deeper bass, but if you are planning to run the Tyler’s full range, that lack of definition will still be present. How will adding a subwoofer improve definition of the Tyler’s, unless you use a high pass crossover to remove bass from the Tyler’s, which doesn’t make much sense for that speaker?
I might be chasing an elusive improvement.
I don’t think so, but do believe the wrong direction. The Tyler Linbrook Signature must be somewhat sensitive to speaker cables, as someone with these same speakers found out in this thread,

I am curious as to what amp and speaker cables you are using.
Tls49, I am using a McIntosh 352 with Joseph Chow cabling. I have bi-wired the speakers. My front end is a Audio Horizons pre from Joseph Chow with a Audio Research CD Player and a phono stage from Lehmann for my VPI turntable. My audio dealer is going to let me audition a Fathom for as long as I wish which should answer the question of sub or no sub. Thanks again for all comments and suggestions. Steve
I recommend you audition the Vandersteen 2Wq. If you stretch your budget a smidge, you can get a pair. I have a pair with the MHP-5 crossovers, and the quality of the bass in my system is incredible. Tunefull, tight, dynamic and clean. Also, they are designed to blend well with any speaker that goes down to 40Hz or lower.