How to rip several thousand CDs to FLAC?

I have a very large CD collection of several thousand, which crashed on my back up and and NAS simultaneously.

Does anyone know of a service that can do a project like this economically, or if not, the most efficient ripping of mass CDs.

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I'd walk over to the local college and put something up on a bulletin board. You can have a computer kid come over and knock it all out for you for $20 an hour (Hey, Im in NY - your price may vary). (I suggest an all girls college).
Please explain how both drives crashed? It would be very useful info to others.

It might be cheaper and quicker to use a data recovery service on your hard drives than re-ripping.
Stinking computers...
Waste of time. Stick with a good cd player
Subscribe to Tidal, all your tunes are probably there anyway, plus many many more you never knew existed.

I was in the process of ripping my own extensive CD collection of several thousand but have not felt the need to continue since I signed on to Tidal which streams in CD quality. Its only $ 20 monthly about what you were quoted above per hour to re rip your own collection. When ripping you'd expect to do about 20 per hour or so, $ 1 per CD, if you have lets say 3000CD's you could buy 12Y 6M subscription for the same money it would cost you to have your CD collection re ripped.

Good Listening

It doesn't take long to rip individual CDs so maybe rip them as you want to listen. It depends on your setup, but I can easily rip on my Mac while listening to something else.

My local hi fi shop has a machine that lets you load up stacks of CDs and it automatically switches and rips the stacks. I don't know what they charge for the service.
Yessir! I do exactly what you're requesting. Shoot me an email via the website and we can discuss. ("contact" in the upper right corner of the page)

Cheers - Michael