How to reset Marantz SR8001 standby mode

I bought Marantz SR8001 over a year, but I had send to Marantz authorized repair center third times already. The problem is the standby mode keep flashing. ( After I received my Marantz receiver back from the repair center, play less than an hour, it automatic switch to standby mode )My speakers are Monitor Audio GS20, and Adcom GFA-555 amp which connected to pre-out Marantz receiver. Can any one show me how to reset the standby mode. Thanks
I might try in preference menu setting the power standby mode in menu #5 to "normal" if its set on economy I dont know if thats an issue. I would also make sure no 12v triggers are in use.
Also set TV tuner to "ON" There is a menu setting for "TV Auto" mode.make sure thats "enabled"
If all else fails just reset the whole unit and give it a reboot, you will need to redo speaker set up and all that but it may clear that glitch.
To reset entire unit (to be clear you will need to set the entire thing up again)
press on face plate "Multi" AND "speaker A/B" buttons AT THE SAME TIME and hold for 3 seconds.
Chadnliz,it doesn't work, I did try press Multi and speaker A/B for over 10 times already, is there any other way ? My receiver when it turn to standby mode,I am unable to turn it on again.Thanks
Sorry I am at a loss, I dont know what else to do.