How to reproduce sound of piano using ICE

What journey have you taken in the ICE world? Have you been able to dramatically improve your ICE system sound? I have. It would be great to read how you did it.
Ok, seems every class D enthusiast has rheumatoid arthritis, and can't type.

These are few if the pertinent facts I have proven on my system.

I have found oversampling does more harm to the music signal than it's worth, and it is worth nothing in my system, even vaunted SACD players. My explanation may seem far fetched, but I don't think so. The signal, like light, is part particle, and part wave form. It is traveling at near light speed. The process of trying to snag distortion is just not feasible. Quantum Physics tells us, we cannot even so much as look at the exceedingly small, without distorting it. My system is proof of that, as people here have found out. My Audio Note NOS DAC is great on it's own. Reworked by my amp builder, it is a giant killer.

Commercial speaker cables, and interconnects, almost to the last one, are signal damaging. Logically thinking, a multi complex wave form jumping from wire to wire in a multi strand is not conducive to finer signal cohesion. Again, my system proves that out.

Also, insulation is a sponge for energy. It absorbs, then emits it back into the current sounding like fizzies. My Scintillas are great at making dielectric distortion audible.

Magnet wire was a revelation. It ran the signal unharmed. There is only one drawback, skin effect is a real phenomena. Magnet wire supports the midrange more than the lows and highs. Thin, thinner the better, ribbon supports the whole audible spectrum. I have both, and can demonstrate the difference.

If you want proof, of any or all findings, my house is open to all. Write to me. I promise you, the listening will be fun.

Okay, let's get the some basics right. Your system can never *prove* any of the theory. It can *support* or even *validate* the theory. But proving a theory needs more than just showing it works.

Since your assumptions are incorrect, the rest of the theory seems invalid too. :-)
Vett93, nice car. My college science training is rusty. That you proved. A real theory demands substantiation. That is what stirred my interest in reading of the recent neutron leftovers in a cold fusion experiment. That is a theory we all want to be proved fact.

Even if I can demonstrate to all science skeptics the validity of my findings by demonstration, the experiments have to be repeated.

That is why I raise the question. Surely owners of ICE amps have discovered, to their delight, ways of improving their amp's sound.