How to replaced slpped bely on my Oracle mk 111

I am having two problems with mt Oracle Mk 111.
1. The belt keeps slipping (this is a new belt from Oracle)
2. The motor is a bit noisy


1. Please ensure that the inner platter rim onto which the belt goes is clean and free of oil. It is easy to slip and coat the belt with oil while holding the belt and inserting the platter spindle bearing into the bearing housing. Wipe the inner platter rim and the pulley with Isopropyl alcohol (also wipe the belt if it has been contaminated with oil).

2. Please ensure that the suspension height is such that the belt runs midway along the width of the inner platter rim. If it is too low the belt will slip off when you bounce the subchassis.

3. Check that you have not inadvertently placed a twist in the belt.

4. If the above does not solve your problem then lift off the platter and just run the motor. Check for any wobble of the pulley wheel or of the motor spindle.

Finally you can email Oracle or call them for assistance as a last resort. Ask for Pierre.

Hope this helps.
I had this exact same problem with my oracle, after it came back from oracle. It turned out that the belt was not slipping, but that the set screw on the motor pulley, was not tight, and the pulley was slipping on the motor shaft.