How to replace tweeter on new Klipsch speaker

I recently bought a pair of Klipsch KF-26 speakers for my office set-up and they sounded fantastic with my ancient Dynaco ST-70 amp. Not leaving well enough alone, I wondered how they would sound with a vintage Sansui high-power solid state amp. Not only was the sound poor, but I managed to blow out a tweeter in the process.

Does anyone know how to access the inside of one of these units to replace the tweeter? My vintage Cornwalls have screws on the back. Easy. No screws on the back of these.
You should be able to remove the grey trim piece that surrounds the 3 drivers. Once off, remove the screws that are holding in the driver you need to replace. The only problem you may run into is if the internal speaker wires are soldiered to the driver.
Thanks, Zd542. It appears that the screws holding in the drivers would be accessible by removing the twelve rubber plugs on the face that are used to hold the grill. Any idea how to remove the rubber plugs? Looks like a special tool is required.

Zd542 is correct, however it appears you only need to remove the trim piece around the tweeter unless it is connected to the other one, that part that has the Klipsch name on it. It looks like two separate trim pieces. You will probably need to get a new trim piece as well. There is nothing behind the rubber plugs but cabinet. Why not call Klipsch tech support?