How to replace hardwired stock power cord ?


I have an old - but exquisite Nakamichi MB10 CD Player.  I did come across a post - with very detailed instructions and pictures of modifications possible - someone having modified the unit - basically he changed the stock power to a detachable "IEC" connector - changed some capacitors etc ....

Regretfully I didn't bookmark it - and i cant find it now...have searched the net few time... :( bummer!

Would anyone know - how to go about cutting out the original hardwired cheap power cord and replace it with a good quality one ?

Have I posted this under right topic ? 

Any help - much appreciated....thanks 
How bad is the original power cable? The main problem with most cords is the cheap nickle plated brass plug with the injection molded plastic housing. As long as the power cord gauge is sufficient you might just try upgrading the plug.
You can easily spend $100 for just a plug but if you want to experiment with something cheaper check out the Sonarquest line. The housing is not as heavy duty as the pricier brands but the internal connections are tight and they use pure copper connectors (not brass). I used the red copper unplated connectors but for a little more you can also get silver or rhodium plated.

Just the plug for $12.50  

Set for $20
Thank you all - for having extended the helping hand of yours......didnt expect such response! 

The MB-10 while 20 yrs plus old - is as good as new as I have looked after it so well - plus its a 5 Cd player - which offers the convenience of not having to get up from the comfortable seating position when I am holding a pint and chips :) 

Nak offers the option to its digital output - and indeed bypasses the players DAC (it could be outdated ?) - and i run it through a good Luxman DAC da06.

I believe in the school of thought that a good power cord indeed makes a difference -  Eriks suggestion to minimize the 'joints" and run it to straight makes sense - although my idea was to fix and IEC connector first. But clearly Eriks suggestion minimizes the cost - and work - for guys like me -  although transportation of the unit could be problem - but I will cross that bridge when it happens. 

I am nowhere near any of you unfortunately and work and live in Dubai as much as I would like to get it done professionally - just to courier alone would be higher than the cost of the unit currently.

Any suggestions on any other part - to be replaced / upgraded - especially capacitors - the technically and electrically savvy amongst you - please do suggest and let me know what to look out for.

The Nak might be old - but to my ear - it sounds much better for 2 Ch audio than my Denon 3313UD universal player! Dont know whether its because its because I am old (having hit 55 ) or whether like fine wine - with age Nak seems to have only refined its simple pure sweetness . These are all connected to a A Class Luxman 509AXii amp.

I do thank you all once again - God Bless! 

Since you are using the deck as a transport only to output the digital signal to a DAC, it might be easier, and more productive, to experiment with footers to either couple, or decouple, the deck and  various damping materials inside the case such as the 3M material on the cover, and other types of reversible tweaking that does not require soldering or electronic knowledge. Just a thought.