How to replace bulbs in McIntosh MX130?

I have got 4 bulbs out on my mx130, three across the top starting from the far left. and one on the bottom, second from the left. I would do and LED kit but I still want it to match my MAC 3.
Does anyone know how to change the bulbs and where to get them (some say you can get them at Radio Shack and others say a TV repair shop?). Do I have to take off the face plate.

Thanks in advance for the help.
I was an authorized Mac warranty servicer when the MX130 came out, and if memory serves me correctly, all of the bulbs are stuck into grommets in the metal plate behind the glass panel, and are wired with bi-pin connectors. You still need to remove faceplate and usually disassemble a good chunk of the metalwork to replace the bulbs. It's a bit of a pain.

McIntosh uses both type 7373 and type 7382 in most of these products. They've had some problem with bulb life, so I'd get them from Mac, as they've probably done a good job selecting the manufacturer that delivers consistent long life. And if they offer a LED-retrofit kit, do it. The difference in appearance will probably be very slight, and greatly outweighed by the longevity.
Very easy, just remove the pre-amp cover and you will see the white rear-ends of the bulbs, all connected to sockets on a power wire running across. Most of them are very easy to pull out from the back. The two in the middle of the face are a bit hard to pull out. But keep wiggling a while and they will come out. Replace them with the 7373 type. MAC sells them for $3.00/each. I have a few spares from them, if you want, you can have 4 for $10.00 including postal. Let me know at