How to replace B&W 805s top tweeter

I recently find a dent on the top tweeter of my 805s speakers. The dent is nickel size on the silve diaphragm just inside the black grill. I tried to use tape and vacumm to pull it out, but didn't work. I got a quote of $119 of the part from the dealer, and B&W part number is ZZ14273. Dealer charges extra money if they do it for me. Although this doesn't impact sound quality, I'd like to fix it. My question is how easy it is to replace it by myself. Does it require special tool or skill? Or, is it just pull it out or roll it out after unscrew the three nails? If you have the experience of replacing it, please share with me. Thank you.
I don't mean to be critical or a jerk, but you've got a problem.....Nails don't unscrew?

How much extra does the store want to change this part? 20$ means its pretty easy, while 50$+ could mean it's more difficult.

On a serious note, can B&W help? A procedure? A drawing? Can you ask the tech guy at your store how the tweeter is safely removed? If you bought the speakers or other stuff there, they should help to that extent. Ask if the gasket (does it have one?) should be replaced at the same time.

be sure to disconnect and power down when you do the procedure.
Either the tape or vac works much of the must'a really dinged it.
if the dealer will do it,just have them do it.
I had the original 805 but didn't mess with it in anyway. I would think you'll need to first remove the mid/bass driver to gain access. It appears that it's probably secured from inside the box. It wouldn't hurt and could possibly save you some dough.

I got detailed steps from B&W support. It seems pretty easy. I just post it here to share with people that have similar issue. To understand the below instructions, you need to download the service picture from B&W support site. I don't know how to upload pic with the post.

Start by unscrewing #6. Pull out #7 (this is your replacement tweeter) using your fingertips in a forward motion pull the insides out of the housing. Next unscrew #5 this will release the old tweeter. Replace with the new tweeter. Install the replaced tweeter assembly into the housing and press around the outer sides of #7 and hold the reassembled tweeter towards the back of the speaker and screw #6 back on.
Would you mind posting a link to the pic. I have a similar issue with a 2 yr old who became very interested in my 805s tweeters. Arrgh! Thanks in advance if you can find the link...

(I couldn't find the pic you are referring to on the site.)

Outstanding! Thanks Adam!
I just removed the tweeter dome myself without any effort at all. I removed the 3 screws anpullrd the front of tweeter assembley off. it was snug, so it required a small bit of effort. The whole removal took less than 5 minutes. Now I need to order the replacement.

My 2 year old dedcided it would be neat to pull off the grill and shoveher fimger in the tweeter. Yay!