How to replace a tweeter in a KEF Reference Two?

Anyone out there have any idea how to get at the tweeter in a KEF Reference Two? I have a bad tweeter, at least I know it isn't producing sound - and want to check the wiring before I order a new driver, but for the life of me, I cannot figure out how to get into the cabinet to the driver. The local boys out here won't help, they just want me to bring it in so they can sell me new speakers.
What model is this speaker?

With the Model 4~2...I had a bad cold soldier joint on one of the bass or mid bass drivers (the dealer was vague).

He stated that they had to go through the bottom of the cabinet...into the internal cabinet (I understand there is a cabinet inside of a cabinet which pulls out)). At one point they said they had to order a special tool in order to get inside. They also said that their repair person spent something in the order of 20 hours in the process. In the end the speaker had to be shipped to Kef's head office in Canada to be repaired

Hope this is of some help.

Maybe you could contact Kef in England for instructions.
If it is one of their Uni-Q arrays you are going to have to either send it to Kef to get the tweeter replaced or replace the tweeter and mid-woofer yourself.

First check to see that it is the tweeter and not the crossover. Buy a cheap tweeter from Radio shack and connect it to the leeds intended for the tweeter.

Then test the tweeter on the Kef by connecting it straight to the amplifier and play it at very low volume levels.

Once you know what parts you need youre in business.

To get advice straight from the horses mouth call Kef and talk to their tech department. Just try to avoid going through a guy named Corey. He is very nice but completly ineffective at his job. (Sorry Corey.)

Good luck!
Thanks guys! The speaker is the Reference Model Two, it is a UniQ array (tweeter inside teh midrange). Here is the link with a pic:
I would test the tweet if I could just figure out how to get to it! there doesn't appear to be any way to get into teh cabinet. Frustrating!
It looks to me that the front panel may come out revealing the aray attached from the back side. Call Kef and ask a tech.
Try placing the speaker flat on the floor . There should be four bolts just back from the spike / gold leg holes. Undo the bolts and the black plinth should come off. I believe the front panel does not come off from the outside, rather is secured from the inside.

You might also try to unscrew the crossover plate (on mine it is attached with wood screws into the cabinet) and as bignerd states hot wire another tweeter into the array and see if it works (the wires are very short and are soldered, so it may be difficult). The tweeter and the midrange in the uni-Q are seperate items, the tweeter sits in the middle of the midcone. I have helped a friend replace the tweeter in a set of the Q series, so am assuming the reference to be the same.

From what my dealer said when they took mine apart, under warrenty, it is not an easy task, and is very time consuming and they needed a special tool.

If the above does not work I agree with Kef and ask
Great, thanks all!