How to repair speaker surrounds?

I have a pair of 1984 Acoustic Research AR-9LS speakers that have deteriorated speaker surrounds. Each cabinet weighs about 100 lbs., so shipping them off isn't practical. Can I repair them myself? If so, how? Should I attempt to remove the individual speakers from the cabinets and ship them for repair? Does anyone have a recommendation for someone who can replace these surrounds? Any idea how much this would cost?
Simply Speakers will either sell you a DIY kit or you can remove the drivers and send them in. These guys are very good and reasonably priced.
These guys will sell you parts, or perform the repairs. VERY EXPERIENCED, and reasonable: (
Go with Bill Legall of Millersound, as Rodman99999 suggested. You can call him at (215) 412-7700.

Some folks try to refoam speakers themselves. Some folks also try to cut their own hair. Since drivers are like tires on a car, where the rubber meets the road and where the audio signal is converted into sound, I consider that a foolish endeavor. Considering the low cost Bill charges, it's a simple decision.