how to remove the VPI JMW9 arm base

I just rec's the new 10.5i arm from VPI, however I have a hard time to remove the old 9" arm base. Can someone tell me what is the best way to remove the base and what size of Allen key I should use. VPI only sent me the manual how to install the 10.5i on SuperScout. Appreciated
Surely you can call or E-mail VPI, but (and it has been a while since I installed my 10.5), however, I remember the arm base was held in place by wood screws. Be careful when you attach the 10.5 base. Put the template on the plinth, tight up against the right rear corner of the table. Use the larger screws and turn them BY HAND to simply mark the 3 spots where the smaller screws go...just twist those larger screws into the soft black overcoating - it must be done accurately, or the smaller screws won't position properly.