how to remove the platter of Micro Seiki DDX1500

Unlike RX1500, DDX1500's platter does not have any screws on the surface, nor beneath the spindle. I try to pull the platter out of the spindle, failed. I am sure it must be locked together with the motor under the platter.

Please help! Thanks
i have a ddx 1000 and an rx1500. in both cases, the platter nests on a conical shaped bearing shaft. the mating parts snug together like morse tapered parts do. i lift the platter with a sharp quick straight up tug and it breaks the mechanical fit between the shaft and the platter. your platter is most likely the same.
Thanks for your answer. Do you suggest me give a same tug as you did or warn me not to do it?

Any solution if I would like to oil the bearing or polish the platter?
i found that giving it a firm upward tug was the only way to break that mechanical bond, so go ahead and try. i cleaned the contact surfaces with a soft cloth and left them dry, no oil. the bearings should be oiled as per the mfg.
After the broke up, how did you restore the mechanical bond between the shaft and platter when you want to play record?
the mechanical bond is made when the 2 machined surfaces seat together. it is designed and machined to be a perfect fit. all you need to do is gently sit the platter back in place. the parts will mate naturally.