How to remove scotch tape brown residue from album covers

Back in the day, when Vinyl was cheap and widely available someone urged me to apply scotch tape to the edge of my album covers; to better preserve them. Ugh what a mistake! Decades later the tape has turned brown and dried out. I can get the tape off but not the brown residue color left behind. Any suggestions for something to remove the brown color?

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Ideally, lacquer thinner is the best solvent for that and it will dry out very quickly not leaving a stain. You can get a quart at Home Depot. You must wear gloves and be in a well ventilated area, preferably outside. Lacquer thinner is explosive like gasoline if the concentration gets too high but, you will have passed out before that happens. 
Brake cleaning fluid might also work but I would go with the Lacquer thinner. 3M makes an adhesive remover. All it is is lacquer thinner at twice the price. 
I repeat, though I don't know why I bother ;-) : Bestine was created specifically to dissolve rubber cement. "Scotch tape brown residue" = rubber cement. Capiche?
A light use of any typical “salad oil” can loosen and even remove - I’ve used it for decades on furniture, computer parts and labels. 
Find an area to test it. Don’t saturate, just a light application. Most remaining stuff usually just balls up and can be rubbed off. The left-over discoloration may not be removable 😞
As someone said, not all printing processes are the same, so use care.