How to remove McIntosh glass faceplate?


I just ordered a MC2125 that is in great shape except for some bubbling running adjacent to right meter.

Could anyone offer any instruction/guidance for removing the glass so I can attempt to correct the bubble issue?

I would rather just have it professionally touched up, but that isn't a feasible option while living on student loans. All other tips and suggestions welcome! Thanks!
I haven't ever removed a faceplate on a 2125 but have on other pieces and once you remove the faceplate frame from the chassis it comes off fairly easy. You may contact McIntosh service and inquire if they offer a re-printing/screening service for that model. They are very helpful in keeping their equipment alive.
sometimes you can find a service manula here and look at the xploded schematic for dis-assembly
Thanks Theo, I'll give Mcintosh a call and see what they recommend. I've been trying to find the service manual like Theo mentioned, but have yet to find success in that endeavor....
Factory Authorized McIntosh tech, and the service manuals have ZERO disassembly instructions. In fact I broke a few faceplates at first.

Good news, McIntosh has been remaking new glass faceplates for their vintage units for years, and they usually run under $200, so if you ever want to buy a new one, you have that resource.

Bad news: the new plates come GLASS ONLY, so you have to reuse the old plexiglas light-pipe and using the thinnest double stick tape is paramount. Also if there is ANY warpage in the glass plate framework, guaranteed the new plate will shatter upon tightening the frame during installation.

Best to overlook the bubbles and wait until you are ready to invest in a new plate, otherwise you will make it worse trying to "rehab" the glass.

My two nickles.

Steve George
I agree with Mcintech. There are no instructions on disassembly, but as mentioned the exploded view of the chassis provides a layering of how it is assembled. That was how I always accessed the plate and light bulbs on the various Mc gear I have owned. Its nice to have confirmation that McIntosh is still offering faceplates. They DO take care of their customers. I have always been very satisfied with them. I hope the new owners continue the same level of service and quality. So far Audio Research seems to be the same company and maybe even better.
Yep,just ordered a glass FP from AC for 175$ for a C-32.All will be well even for a rookie,take care,Bob
Hi Hockey4496,
What was the end result?
I’m looking into a 2125 that has a shattered faceplate and was perhaps damaged frame.
The amp itself runs fine including the meters and all...... just cosmetically a nightmare.
Any pitfalls I should look for?
I would love to get this one back to it's normal self