How to remove grills from Hales Revelation III's?

I cannot find the info on how to remove the speaker grills on a Hales Revelation III. I need to replace the woofer. Also, Madisound Speaker has a Hales WP-10 driver. Is this the one in the Revelation III's?

I had a pair of Hales once. The grills on the model I had slide straight up. So, grab the bottom and lift towards the ceiling. I'm guessing it's the same for you.
I replaced the woofer on a Rev III a few years ago.

Tip the speaker on its back and tug gently on the bottom of the fabric until you get the cord out of its slot. Then its easy.

When replacing, just go the opposite direction and end at the bottom.

It's sort of like replacing the screen in a screen window.

I got my woofer from Hales (when they were still open) so I don't know the answer to that part of the question.

Good luck --- I loved my Hales, inefficient as they were.

Make sure to place a book or some other support under the speaker when lying it on it's back to avoid putting weight on those beautiful Cardas binding posts!