how to reduce noise through JMW10

I have an Aries I w/JMW 10 arm. Table has upgraded TNT feet, 300rpm motor, Delrin clamp and Benz wood body cart. Table sits on a 3/4" granite slab that rest on teak cabinet. When tonearm is lowered and I tap it I get feedback. Anyway to reduce this.
Thanks for any help.
Place a slab of maple or mdf (3"thick) on top of the granite. With that combo which I virtually have with my VPI (I have wood on marble), I can tap away to my heart's content and hear nothing.
Thanks for the great idea. I will give a try. Where did you get your maple?
thanks again
I purchased a VPI mdf/oak base measured specifically for the hrx. It appears at Acoustic Sounds for $700 as the top plate of the VPI equipment rack. Way too much. (Got mine for About $200 as accommodation for buying HRX) I recommend going to lumber yard with dimensions 1" wider and 1" deeper than your table. Have them cut out from the block an area that will house the feet of the motor and set this out just a touch when placing the table on the block so that the vibrations from the motor don't get into the main block.
Agree that the table sitting on granite is where your problem is. My set up is very similar to yours (table, arm and a Benz cart) and I can pound on the table all day long with no issues at all.
Thanks again to both. I will be changing my set up.