How to reduce anti-skate on Graham Phantom B44 II

I am running a Sota Saphire III and have just purchased a Graham B44 II. I have been running a Micro Acoustics 630 at its recommended tracking weight of 1.25g. The Graham seems to have way to much anti-skate even with the weight removed. Placing the stylus on a record pulls the stylus towards the outside of the record by jumping back a few grooves. And the slightest bit of dust or grit on the record causes the "locked groove" effect. Anybody know how to handle this problem?
Muzcal, your problem is so unusual and specific I'd recommend contacting Bob Graham directly on this issue...
Is your table level??
Does your arm move freely? Did you check the damping well? make sure you removed the rubber plug protecting the pivot point of the arm.
Also make sure magnets are not touching, and bearing pivot is centered in the bearing pocket.
Hi Muzcal,
Did you have any joy with your bias problem?
(I know Bob's a busy guy and can sometimes take a while to get round to e-mailing.)
Recently redo my setup with the Graham and ran into a few scenarios which required reducing antiskate. None to the degree of what is happening.

1. Did you remove the plastic plug covering the bearing?

2. Double check your alignment.

3. Verify azimuth. If azimuth is off or the body of the cartridge is rotated significantly to compensate for correct azimuth, the additional mass on one side of the needle can contribute to centripedal or centrifugal force. If more mass leaning towards the outgroove, this will add to antiskating force.
I think, Muzcal found the "problem". Also think it was the bearing protection which was not removed..