How to record from lps to tapes

Hello audiogoners,
I am having trouble recording lps to tapes using the Otari Mtr 10 and appreciate your inputs.
 The sound produced at a too low output level (volume).
Connections: elp1 out on Conrad-Johnson premier 17ls preamp to tape in. Tape out to elp1 in on the pre.
Output from Allnic to aux2 on CJ pre.
when recording, I set the source on the Preamp to Aux2, then set to elp1. I set the volume at the normal listening level (41). But the sound getting out from my speakers were too low volume, I can only barely hear it.
Did I do st wrong?

Is the Allnic your phono preamp? Is it set for the proper gain for your phono cartridge?
Hi @cleeds 

The Allnic is the phono preamp, and it is set at the proper gain. I am listening to my lps right now at the same volume when I recorded.
I mean the same volume setting at “41” and the sound comes out normal.
Have you tried going from the Allnic output direct to the input of the Otari and then the Otari output to see if the volume level is different? This is how I have done recordings using my digital source to tape, even though my preamps have tape loops.
Do you have similar level problems with other preamps fed into the Otari, such as a mic preamp?
This morning I hooked up the Teac to the system. It turned out the problem was on my Otari. I might touched a switch when I cleaned yhe machine internally. I will check with the maintenance manual and report back.
 Thanks everyone.

There is the switch for Bal-Unbal on the board. I switched it back to Balance and my system is working as normal.
 Thanks for all the helps gents.