how to re terminate my cardas hexlink golden 5c

Hello,does any one know how to re terminate the cardas hexlink golden 5c for RCA? :colours white- white,yellow,green, red and black.
Send them to Cardas, or accept a much lower selling price should you ever decide to re-sell them.
You will need a high temp solder pot to burn off the enamel coating on the litz wire. Send them to Cardas.
Hi,Theo,well i just bought them on the net without the rca plugs.Rik
Due to the type of extremely thin coating Cardas uses on their conductors they are very difficult to reterminate correctly, without irreperable damage, by anyone other than Cardas themselves. Early on even Cardas had an outside company do all of their terminations for them.
I agree with the above comments. I was a Cardas dealer for many years and they are almost impossible to re-terminate yourself. Cardas uses a pretty elaborate method to put connectors on their cables. I would send them to Cardas and let them do it.
Thank you for your response,but i have no difficulties with soldering[my occupation].I am sorry i am not very clear.I do not no wich 3 color wires i should put together for the hot side,that is 3 wires-hot and 3neg.Rik
Cardas is probably the only ones who know for sure what color is what. I wouldn't think it would make a huge difference as along as you use the same colors on each end, of course. If they are all the same guage, does it matter?

I've never cut the end off of a Cardas cable, so I'm not sure of the exact color scheme. It might be proprietry, but I'd give Cardas a call and ask.
Sure it will matter why do you think it is named hexlink?
If you don't send them to cardas and have them done to Cardas
spec,what was the point in buying Cardas in the first place? So if you're
going to do it yourself, use an ohm meter to determine which lead to use
that provides the best signal path. Good luck. And hello back, Rik.