how to put center channel voices in rear speakers

I enjoy hearing the dialog in the rear speakers as well as
in the center. Is there a receiver that has a setting that will do this? or do I have to splice my center channel wire
to output to the center and rears?

I have a 5.1 setup
Denon 2803
Ref 3.1 fronts
orb audio mod4 center
orb audio mod2 rears

A lot of them do have this, it's usually call stereo-4 or something along that line. My Sunfire prepro has party-4 and party-5 mode.

In stereo 4 you loose the DD 5.1. Get another center channel speaker to place behind you.Get a cheapo signal splitter at any rat shack and run speaker cables to the rear.If you want to retain the DD 5.1 This is the best option.If not,Set it up as stereo 4 and be done.
Many units like my Rotel have 2 center outs wich would be easy to do this, I wonder if it would make the sound field confusing having sound intended to be anchored in front playing in the rear.
Ah...I was thinking you were talking about music for some reason?...skip what I said.

I enjoy hearing the dialog in the rear speakers as well as in the center

Frankly, I don't think I would like it from the rear at all but I am kinda conservative and I have no direct experience I guess.

How did you happen to get exposed to vocals from the rear instead of straight in front?
Unless you could place the rear center exactly the same distance from you as the front would need some way to balance the spl of the two (and delay times maybe?).

Have you tried fiddling with the preset soundfields such as "Stadium" or "Hall" for that matter? This will screw things up but that's your intention anyway to have dialogue coming out from your rears.
on my Denon 2803 when I put it in 5 channel stereo mode the dialogue started coming out of the rears and it sounded great and very intimate. In Lord of Rings I could hear Liv Tyler whispering my ear and I was completely involved in the scene....BUT...the 5 channel mode also killed the great surround feel of the crowd scenes and big moments. The cinema II mode for movies handles these well and is the 'traditinal' expectation of the home theatre....but limits the dialogue to the center I'd like the best of both and get the big surround feel with the intimacy of having voices nearby.

It just feels like 'center' should be where I am..not pushing out from the TV for a truly involved experience.
Well Parasound Halo Pro has 4 channels you can assign to do whatever you wish with seperate delays and levels, it is called a 7.4 , you could for example assign a ceiling speaker, rear center whatever you wish, seems this was made just for guys like you!

Thanks for the reply. This is exactly the type of solution I was looking for. Now, my task do I acquire one
for a decent price. I'm looking at $1,200 max to spend. Are there other recommended options in this 7.4, 7.5 category?
Not that I am aware of, call Parasound then look for used.